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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Health and Safety Guide

ASERT has compiled resources for those with autism and those who care for people with autism relating to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

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Steps to Joining a Group

This resource developed by ASERT helps individuals with finding a group to talk with and joining them.

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Students with Autism: Online Resources & Support

This website, part of the Student Training & Education in Public Service (STEPS) website, provides information and resources on education. This guide was developed by an individual with autism.

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Summer Safety During COVID

This resource provides tips and suggestions on staying safe while enjoying activities during the summer with COVID-19.

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Support Group Map

This resource provides a listing of known support groups across the state. Groups are organized by county, and cover groups for parents/caregivers, individuals, and family members.

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Support Professional Resources

This is a collection of resources from various sources for autism support professionals. Topics range from general autism information to mental health, relationships, daily life, rapport building, goal setting, safety and crisis management, professionalism, service navigation, and more.

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Supported Employment and Volunteerism Training Manual

This manual was developed by Alpine Learning Group to help community-based companies and employers to support individuals with autism in the workplace.

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Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion

The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion is engaged in research and knowledge development activities that are translated into practical information to support full and meaningful community participation of individuals with mental illnesses.

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Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion: Citizenship

These resources, part of the Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion website, include resources related to citizenship, civic participation, voting, and getting involved in your community.

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Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion: Relationships

A wide range of materials, training guides, and research reports on the importance of sustained family, friendship, and romantic relationships, as well as a training manual to help community mental health personnel talk more effectively with consumers about their sexual relationships.

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Temple University Resources: Employment

A wide range of materials reviewing the continuing problem of widespread unemployment for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. This includes tool-kits and training guides for consumers who want to return to work, and current research on supported employment and other program approaches.

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Ten Tips for a Successful Job Interview

Job interviews can be intimidating. This video provides tips on ways to handle your nerves during the interview and how to have a successful outcome.

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Test Anxiety

This resource developed by ASERT helps individuals identify test anxiety symptoms and helps them offset those symptoms.

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The 2020 United States Census

This resource, developed by ASERT, provides information for self-advocates about the US Census, what it is, why it's important and how to complete the census.

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The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities

This workbook is designed for youth and adults working with them to learn about disability disclosure and help them make informed decisions about whether or not to disclose their disability by considering how that decision may impact their education, employment, and social lives.

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The Campaign for Disability Employment

Every day, people with disabilities can and do make important contributions to America’s businesses. They have the drive to succeed in employment, and the skills and talent they need to deliver value and results for their employers. These are messages that bear repeating far and wide. And that’s what the Campaign for Disability Employment (CDE) is all about.

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