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#ASDNext is designed to connect Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism to the most helpful resources and information, and with others in their community.

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Recent blogs

Grandparents – A special connection

Sarah Matincheck

Sarah blogs how lucky she is to have a special bond between herself and her grandparents. She shares that she's "come to realize that it’s very important to have a special bond with someone. Whether it be a parent, sister, a cousin, or even your pet." To read more of Sarah's blog, click below.

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Lindsay Lohan - Her Recovery and Second Chance


Ziggie blog's about the power of second chances for everyone. He write about how the media can be unforgiving to those in the spotlight. He focus's on several famous people who struggled in the past but now are successful.

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January is National Hobby Month

Out-of-Sync Woman

Out-of-Sync Woman blogs about January being national hobby month and how excited she is about her hobby crocheting. Click below to find out more about her crafting plans.

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Transition Resources

#ASDNext houses resources and information for Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism, as well as family members, caregivers, professionals and community members. Use this resource navigator to find the information most relevant to you.

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