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#ASDNext is designed to connect Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism to the most helpful resources and information, and with others in their community.

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A young man wearing a hoodie is seen collecting change from a grocery store self-check machine.


Recent blogs

The Benefits of Autism

Sarah Matincheck

People may believe that having Autism is generally a bad thing, but there are some good traits that people with Autism possess that those without Autism may not.

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Neutral Specialist


So the last thing I wrote about is how I often would observe things that people would do in a group conversation; which is something I do too often. Of course, it’s just because I do not know how to put myself in a group conversation at ANY time because I either come in way […]

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Please Stand By - Movie Review


Films surrounding the subject of autism can be very hit or miss. Sometimes a movie will treat a person with ASD like furniture or an immeasurable burden upon their family. Other times, you can get an endearing depiction of autism, and you wish more narratives were like this. Recently I had the opportunity to watch […]

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If Only

Out of Sync Woman

It’s easy for me to think that “if only” I was dating or married, I would be just like everyone else. I sometimes feel like I’m missing out because I’m single. Wait a minute, is this an accurate feeling or thought? More importantly, is this thought helpful or hurtful? I mean, do these type of […]

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Transition Resources

#ASDNext houses resources and information for Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism, as well as family members, caregivers, professionals and community members. Use this resource navigator to find the information most relevant to you.

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