#ASDNext is designed to connect Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism to the most helpful resources and information, and with others in their community.

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Recent blogs

Entering a New Decade: How Has Autism Impacted Me


Khylil reflects on what it's like to have autism and how his perception of it has changed as he's grown up. His mom helped him realize that being autistic is "au-some" and in some ways like a superpower. This realization has allowed him to feel closer to himself and more confident. He now spends a lot of time self-reflecting lately on his journeys of weight loss, mental growth, and maturity as an autistic adult.

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Being a Part of the Autism Community

Out-of-Sync Woman

Out-of-Sync Woman was diagnosed at a young age with Autism even before it was a common diagnosis. It wasn't until her twenties that she started to become involved in the Autism community. She feels strongly that being part of the Autism community has been good for her and she wouldn't change this part of herself!

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My Life Through the Span


Welcome Mike! In this first blog, we travel down memory lane as Mike tells us about different periods in his life. He ends this blog with the question, "What am I going to do with myself now, at 60 years old?"

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What is Podcasting?

Thomas Hassell

Thomas blogs about the history of the podcast, shares the top types of podcast genres and the types of podcast formats. He shares details and the joy he derives from being a part of an Autism Podcafé group out of Pittsburgh.

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#ASDNext houses resources and information for Pennsylvania teens and adults with autism, as well as family members, caregivers, professionals and community members. Use this resource navigator to find the information most relevant to you.

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