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It’s Thanksgiving time and I’ve started to think about what I’m grateful for in my life. This ties in with what a close friend told me recently, “One should count their blessings every morning.” I’m going to share in this blog what I find valuable in my life. I am going to review the healthy activities I use to put myself in a better mood, and the various rewards I use for myself.

The good parts of my life include: Being healthy, young, smart, well-read, having friends and a pretty good family. I’m independent and able to do what I want for the most part. I have a really cool support network that helps me achieve my dreams. I have goals and a sense of purpose in life. Many things help me gain a sense of well-being, which I will summarize below.

I love being outside in natural surroundings with the sound of birds and bugs in the air. I especially like little pieces of untamed nature close to urban areas since it allows me to escape my stress faster. I also love pictures of realistic nature scenes or paintings of natural settings. Going on a walk helps, and playing a doodle game on my phone works too. I have found talking to my trusted friends about my stress and frustrations helps when I’m feeling especially “stuck.” Working out at the gym is a great way to burn off anger. When I have to do something that I don’t like or I’m feeling blue, it helps to reward myself with things I like.

My rewards: sweets, shopping, movies, going out to eat, and spending time with friends. Those work when I’m tired and sad, and it helps me get through life’s hard parts. It’s important to find and use what works for you.

Life can include some difficult periods of time, but if you really look, it also has beautiful, joyful, breathtaking views and moments that make it worthwhile. I hope you find your own moments of joy. Wishing you the best this holiday season.

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I was diagnosed at a young age and went through the special education system in public schools. Family is incredibly important to me as I grew up in a large supportive family. I enjoy being outside in nature and arts and crafts.

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