Unending Promise: Meet UP Social and Support Groups

Hosted by Unending Promise

Unending Promise is pleased to offer a variety of opportunities for individuals and families living with autism to come together to discuss daily victories and challenges. The hope is that members may learn from each other and develop a sense of community.

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Below is a brief description of some of the groups currently offered and some offered in the past:

  • Meet UP & Create (age about 8+) – Working with a local artist, participants will have the opportunity to create a variety of projects.
  • Meet UP & Drum (all ages) – Using a collection of special drums and percussion instruments of various shapes, sizes, and sounds, participants enjoy a special type of connection to music and each other.
  • Meet UP & Move (all ages) – This group meets weekly during the summer to walk the trails at Grings Mill and other places in Berks County
  • Unending Promise Game Night (age about 15+) – This activity is very popular.  Join us for a fun night of board & card games & lots of laughs.  Bring a snack to share.

Unending Promise was founded as a way to help children with autism throughout their adult lives. Their mission is to provide individuals living with autism, primarily in Berks County, Pennsylvania, opportunities to learn meaningful skills in a safe and productive environment.