New Horizons Club

The New Horizons Club

The New Horizons Club provides mentored opportunities for adults on the Autism Spectrum to socialize, connect with their communities, and live life as fully as possible.

The club aspires for each of its members to enjoy the benefits of a vibrant social network. By finding a sense of community and building lifelong friendships, members inspire one another to try new things, obtain meaningful employment, and work toward independent living.

New Horizons Club Activities include:

  • Planning meeting and rap session, usually held the fourth Tuesday of each month at 1430 DeKalb Pike in Norristown.
  • Parties celebrating the Superbowl, Final Four, Halloween, the holidays and New Year’s Eve
  • Trips to sporting events, comedy clubs, museums, dinner and a movie
  • Book Club
  • “Aspie Night at the Movies” which gather members to watch films about the Autism community
  • Fall weekend camping trip
  • Two summer vacations, one in Avalon, NJ, and the other in the Poconos

Parent Dinners

Parents of New Horizons Club members gather for dinner on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Parents socialize, compare notes and share resources. The parents dinner is timed to coincide with the New Horizons Club monthly planning meeting and rap session, so if you are driving a son or daughter to the meeting, please join us at the parents dinner.

For more information on the parents dinners, check or call Kathy Haley, 610.246.1366.

The New Horizons Club is operated by NH Ventures, a non-profit organization as defined under section 501 ( c) 3 of the U.S. tax code.