Arc of Butler County: AERO After School Transition Program

Hosted by The Arc of Butler County.

The Arc of Butler County understands how important it is for young adults, and students, to gain the necessary skills and behaviors for life after graduation.

AERO After School Transition Program is designed to facilitate a successful transition to the adult world for students needing intensive transition services. It provides opportunities for employment and community living through formal planning (involving educators, parents, students, and community agencies), appropriate curriculum, and experiences to promote a smooth transition into living and working independently in the community.

Currently, the program is offered through the Butler Area School District. They are working to expand services to other rural school districts in the Butler County Area. If you, your child, or school district is interested in the opportunities this program has to offer, please get in touch!

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Age 14-21 and preparing for transition from high school to adulthood
  • A diagnosis that requires an IEP and a need for intensive transition services
  • Minimal or limited behavioral issues (does not require a wrap around, one on one, etc.)
  • Must be OVR eligible, but does not have to be enrolled in OVR services
  • The curriculum centers around personal, career, and life management.


  • Budgeting—Earn money through work activities, prepare a shopping list with a budget, and go to the store to complete purchases
  • Job Applications/Resumes—Learn how to complete applications and create a resume; including relating skills to desired position
  • Interview—Interview with Supported Employment staff to help simulate a realistic interview setting
  • Job Shadowing—Participate in job shadowing activities that enable them to get an in-depth look at what a job entails prior to applying


  • Community Integration—Participate in the community by performing civic volunteer activities of their choice, shopping, and seeking employment opportunities
  • Appropriate Communication/Behavior—Learn how to effectively communicate their emotions through interaction with peers and staff
  • Cooking—Learn how to make different recipes while keeping dietary needs in mind- also, student learns budgeting for grocery shopping and healthy eating habits
  • Socialization—Attend multiple community events and learn positive social skills with peers in the classroom


  • Personal Empowerment—Teaching students personal power keywords such as self-esteem, worth, value, attitude, talent, integrity, respect, etc.
  • Self-Identifying—Providing opportunities to identify their likes/dislikes, strengths/weaknesses, learning style, and decision-making style
  • Goals—Identifying dreams for their life and learning to write goals based on those dreams
  • Life Choices—Making decisions on their future; education options such as community college, university, on the job training; military options; work force options, etc.

The Arc of Butler County is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing services and support for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID/DD) and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


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