Romantic Scams Social Story

A man is on the computer.

The internet can be a great tool but it can also be dangerous and people may try to scam me.

A man and a woman lean out of cell phones. The man is handing her flowers, but his shadow is a demon.

One kind of online scammer is called a romance scammer. Romance scammers create fake profiles on dating sites or on social media.

A cell phone with a man's profile. It is split in half, with the left being normal and a speech bubble with hearts, while the right is a burgler and a speech bubble with money,

A romance scammer may try to start a relationship with me and tell me they love me.

A woman has an exclamation point beside her as she looks at her cell phone. She is thinking of a man in a hoodie and mask on a computer.

They may ask me to send money to them or ask for gift cards.

A man wearing a hoodie and a mask carries a large credit card.

I should not send money or gift cards to people I've only met online.

A phone has a picture of a man wearing a beanie and mask with a speech bubble. The phone has a red circle and line over it.

I should not share any personal information like my address, social security number, or bank information with people I meet online.

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