Online Scams Social Story

A phone has a shopping website on screen. A woman holding shopping bags points to one item.

Online shopping can be easy and fun but I need to make sure I'm careful when I buy things online.

A shopping website window.

I need to make sure that I purchase things from good websites that are safe and trustworthy.

A woman is on her cell phone and thinking.

There are things I can do to make sure that I don't get scammed when buying things online.

A man looking at a website review.

I can make sure that the site and person I am buying from has a good reputation.

A computer screen with many reviews on screen. A person points to one and there are four stars aboce the computer.

I can check for reviews of websites and businesses on Google, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau website.

A computer with two reviews on screen, one positive with five stars and the other negative with two stars. A man looks at a two star review on his phone.

I can read customer reviews about the person or business selling the item.

A man thinking 'What can I do to stay safe?'.

If I am buying something directly from a person and need to meet them to get the item, there are things I should do to help me stay safe.

A man holding two wrapped packages meets with another man and a woman in a park.

I can make sure that I meet them in public and bring someone with me to pick up the item.

Two people exhange a package and money.

I will not give the person money until I have proof that the item is present and in good condition.

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