Online Dating Social Story

A computer with hearts and pictures on the screen and text saying 'Online Dating.'

I can find people to date online by using dating apps and websites.

A woman and a man are on their phones. The woman has three text messages and the man has a speech bubble with a heart.

It can be risky to date people you meet online.

A man in a beanie with a mask on is on his phone.

Some people may make a fake profile online and pretend to be someone else. This is called catfishing.

A woman and man are video chatting. The woman is on her tablet in the daytime and the man is on his laptop at nighttime. They both have hearts around them.

If I meet someone online I can have a video chat with them to make sure that they are the same person that is in their profile pictures.

A woman is sitting in a chair and sending messages on her phone.

Dating online might make it easier for me to share things with other people.

A woman is thinking with question marks around her.

I should be careful not to share too much personal information online until I meet them in person and we are in a relationship.

A house with a location symbol above it, a social security card, and a check.

I should not share things like my home address, social security number, or bank information.

Two credits cards with a red X over them.

I should not send money to anyone that I've met through online dating.

A man thinking 'How can I stay safe when I meet an online friend in person?'.

If I decide to meet someone in person there are different ways I can stay safe.

A woman and man sit at a restaurant table with food and drinks while a waiter takes their order.

I can meet at a public place where there will be many people around.

A woman talking on a cell phone.

I should tell a friend or family member where I am going, who I will be with, and how long I plan to stay.

A woman driving a car with her hand waving out the window.

I should use my own transportation to meet the person so I'm not getting into a vehicle with someone I don't know and can leave if I feel uncomfortable.

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