Isolation Social Story


This social story provides a visual explanation of what it means to be in isolation if someone has the coronavirus, or COVID-19. An animated version is also available.

A boy with a worried expression holding a thermometer.

If I get sick I may have to go into isolation.

A sick boy is shown to the left of two healthy adults.

Isolation is when sick people are kept away from healthy people.

A doctor holding a stethoscope up to a boy's chest.

My doctor will tell me if I need to be in isolation.

A home is shown next to a hospital.

I may be in isolation at home or in a hospital.

A ruler below the words

If I am in isolation, I need to stay 6 feet away from people.

A sick boy coughing into a tissue.

I need to cover my coughs and sneezes with a tissue or my elbow.

Two hands with soap.

I need to wash my hands after I cough or sneeze.

A man wearing a mask holds a thermometer in a boy's mouth.

People taking care of me might wear masks and gloves to keep them healthy.

A doctor giving a thumbs up.

Isolation will last until my doctor says I'm not sick anymore.

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