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A wide range of materials reviewing the continuing problem of widespread unemployment for individuals with psychiatric disabilities. This includes tool-kits and training guides for consumers who want to return to work, and current research on supported employment and other program approaches.

This webpage includes the following resources:

  • Full Disclosure: When Mental Health Professionals Reveal Their Mental Illness at Work
  • Promoting Supportive Academic Environments for Faculty with Mental Illnesses: Resource Guide and Suggestions for Practice
  • Welcoming Work Environments
  • A Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work
  • Facilitator’s Manual: A Practical Guide for People with Mental Health Conditions Who Want to Work
  • The Roles of Peer Specialists in Promoting Competitive Employment
  • Facilitating Circles of Support for People with Mental Illnesses in Employment Settings
  • The Past and Future Career Patterns of People with Serious Mental Illness
  • Mainstream Career Training: Accessing Community Resources for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
  • Employment Programming: Addressing Prevailing Barriers to Competitive Work
  • The Careers of the Direct Support Workforce in the MH, DD, and SA Service Delivery Systems


  • Welcoming Work Environments Webinar

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