A Practical Guide for People with Disabilities Who Want to Go to College


This document provides a practical guide to help people with disabilities who want to pursue their education goals at a community college, career institute, four-year college, university, or graduate school. The guide provides an overview of the challenges and supports needed to help achieve this goal. These include: finding the right school, locating supports, managing your disability and your education, and using your new educational qualifications in the search for a better job. Other areas addressed include assessing your own interests and skills, funding your education, disclosing your disability, and locating supports and services to succeed in school. This versatile guide can be used by consumers, rehabilitation and/or case management personnel, and family members/friends or individuals with disabilities.

Cartoon rendering of a graduation cap.This guide was developed to help people with a limited knowledge of educational opportunities after high school secure the resources and support networks they need to give them the best chance for success. The purpose of this guide is to help you prepare for any potential challenges you may face. With the proper planning and the right supports, there is nothing beyond your reach. Sections include:

    • Finding the Right School
    • Locating Supports While at School
    • Managing Your Disability at School
    • Getting a Job
    • Bibliography and Resources

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This resource created by The Temple University Collaborative on Community Inclusion