Be Safe: Flashbacks and Intrusive Thoughts Social Story


This resource, part of the Be Safe collection, is a social story for individuals with autism that explains flashbacks and intrusive thoughts that may happen after experiencing sexual abuse and assault, as well as ways to cope with those thoughts.

A frowning girl stands in the center of the image with her hands on her hips.

If something bad happened, I might spend a lot of time thinking about it.

A frowning girl with a thought bubble of herself crying and standing with an angry man with raised arms.

I might remember things even when I try to forget.

A frowning girl with her hands on her forehead cries in the center of the image.

Sometimes I might feel like it is happening all over again.

A frowning girl cries in the center of the image with her hands on her stomach.

It is very scary when these things happen.

A girl says,

I should try to practice telling myself that I am safe now.

A girl stands with her mouth open and her hands on her stomach and says,

I should also try to practice ways to stay calm.

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