How I See It: Representation of Autism in the Media

HISI Autism in the Media_OnlineIn this series, our bloggers share their opinions on how individuals with autism are represented in various media formats.

(Un)Intentional Autism Representation in the Media

In this batch of installments for the How I See It blogs, the writers were given the prompt of ‘Representation of Autism in Media’. A broad topic that I’m excited to read how my fellow bloggers will address.  Read more

Spectrum in the Media

I had to think long and hard about how I think Autism is currently represented in the media. I think perhaps it is better than when I was a small child or teenager. There are more people who are diagnosed or identified as having Autism in the media. I appreciate the fact that the media is making the effort to show more people who are different or unique

Read more

The avatar for ASDNext blogger Ziggie has his name and a large stylized letter Z.

Does Society Have Empathy for Celebrities Who Struggle with Mental Illness?

Money doesn’t buy happiness. That’s a phrase we all grew up hearing. While having a significant financial status provides shelter, security, and other basic needs accounted for, it doesn’t mitigate mental illness.  Read more 


Autism in the Media

I grew up around film. My aunt attended Julliard with Robin Williams and I remember her telling quite a few stories about her time there growing up. My family history can be traced back on IMDB. The art of film has been something that has both been ingrained in me and something that I naturally gravitate to. Media, in general, has always posed a fascination for its ability not just to tell a visual story, but to create a world and to place you in it. Read more 

The avatar for ASDNext blogger Ziggie has his name and a large stylized letter Z.

Greta Thunberg and Susan Boyle: Showcasing Autistic Talent and Ambition in the Media

This month I would like to utilize my blog post to talk about Greta Thunberg and Susan Boyle. One is a young climate activist from Sweden who is raising awareness about climate change and its impact on the world. The other is a woman who rose to fame on the show America’s Got Talent and received her ASD diagnosis later in life. Read more…

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