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With the rising cost of medical services it can be difficult to afford appropriate and necessary care. This resource provides information on organizations that may be able to help with the costs of healthcare.

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CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Plan)

CHIP is the state of Pennsylvania’s Health Insurance Plan that covers all uninsured kids. The “Cover All Kids” part of the program expands health insurance coverage to all children up to age 18 regardless of their family income, and no family earns too much to qualify for medical assistance.

Phone: 1-800-986-KIDS

Community Clinics and Health Care Centers

Every year millions of people use a community clinic in their area to receive free or low cost, yet high quality medical or dental care. Some centers also offer specialty and more complicated services too. Depending on a patient’s income and other qualifications, some care will be free, while some people may need to pay a minimal fee. This variable billing is known as a sliding fee scale. No one is ever turned away, regardless of their income. View Health Clinics.

Dental Clinics

In addition to the health care centers referenced above, there are numerous non-profit and government supported clinics that focus on offering dental care to the low income and uninsured. View Dental Clinics.

EyeCare America

This assistance program is offered by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and it provides free eye care to senior citizens, children, individuals with diabetes, and people who may be at risk for glaucoma. Learn more about EyeCare America. 

Knights Templar Eye Foundation

This organization administers a health care assistance program that provides the uninsured with grants for eye surgery and checkups. Learn more about Knights Templar.

New Eyes for the Needy

This non-profit provides new prescription eyeglasses to poor children and adults residing in the United States. Clients can also receive information on how they can meet other vision needs. Learn more about New Eyes.

Mission of Mercy

This is a non-profit charity organization that offers patients free prescription medications and medical care. Some of the services offered can also include dental care, check-ups, and more. Learn more about Mission of Mercy.

Sight for Students

Provides free eye exams and glasses to children 18 years and younger whose families can’t afford to pay for vision care. Thousands of students and children benefit from the Sights for Students program every year. Learn more about Sight for Students.


This organization provides free eye care to low income families as well as the uninsured who work at least part-time. People need to have some type of job when applying for aid. Learn more about VisionUSA. 

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