Advocating for My Health During COVID-19

Telling my family or caregiver that I do not feel well is important.

Here are some things I can do to help me keep track of how I feel and what to say!

    1. Use language or words that makes sense to me or ask a trusted family member, friend, or caretaker to help me explain.
    2. Draw a picture or use a picture to show what/where something hurts.
    3. Describe a time when I felt the same way.
    4. Explain my sensory differences and communication needs.
    5. Program the list of questions or words describing how I feel into my communication device ahead of time.
    6. Use a check list like the one below or make a list of questions I want to ask before talking to them.

For more information on how to advocate for myself: Feeling Comfortable and Understood by My Medical Community


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