Autism Awareness, Community Education and Support (AACES)


Autism Awareness, Community Education and Support (AACES) is a group of programs designed to increase independence and decrease isolation among young people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This brochure provides information on the different programs available to individuals living in Bucks and Montgomery Counties.

Autism Awareness, Community Education and Support (AACES) can help individuals:

    • transition into adulthood
    • develop and practice effective social skills
    • build relationships with peers in a welcoming environment
    • find and maintain employment
    • gain work experience
    • learn independent living skills
    • identify community resources

Tracks to Employment

The following services can help you gain community and vocational experiences, often leading to competitive employment:

    • Job preparation workshops
    • Workplace social skills seminars
    • Service learning center training
    • Vocational assessments
    • Job coaching
    • Employment consulting

Service Learning Center

Their service learning center, Deja Vu Thrift, provides real world opportunities for practicing workplace skills while helping individuals gain experience, confidence and greater self-awareness.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation

AACES is an approved vendor for the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR) and can
provide vocational assessments and job coaching for OVR clients.

Job Coaching & Employment Consulting

AACES provides job coaching and employment consulting for individuals who are not OVR clients and are interested in private pay.

Coffeehouse Socialization

AACES offers two socialization programs to help individuals gain social comfort and make connections with other young people.

    • Coffeehouse is for high school graduates, ages 18-26
    • Junior Coffeehouse is for high school students, ages 16-21

Both programs include organized activities, discussion groups, guest speakers and casual conversation.

Parent Involvement and Support

Parents and caregivers of transition age youth and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience unique challenges, concerns and feelings as they help their child move toward independence. Through educational programs, a monthly Parent Support Group and individual consultations, AACES staff work with family members to answer questions and provide access to community resources.

Community Classes

AACES community classes provide individuals with opportunities to gain additional life skills. There is a participation fee. Contact them for their current class schedule.


The AACES Program
Suite 012 at Oxford Valley Mall
Langhorne, PA 19047

Contact Information

215-757-6916 ext 222


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