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A while back, my mom and I went to see the new Little Mermaid Movie – Ariel is NOT your typical Princess! Ironically…my own name, Sarah, means “Noblewoman or Princess” in Hebrew.

I grew up watching Disney princess movies and there is defiantly a theme – being a princess isn’t just about looking pretty, wearing a tiara, or seeming helpless. Princess Merida does archery, but she is also understanding, gentle, and patient. Or Princess Tiana, who worked her butt off to achieve her dreams of owning a restaurant come true! Or Mulan, who kind of broke a gender norm by going to war for China disguised as a man and overcoming the obstacles around her.

My personal favorites are Ariel and Belle. Belle reminded me of myself because of my brunette hair, my love of books, and my curiosity. Ariel’s my other favorite because I’ve always loved swimming at my grandmother’s pool in the summertime. When I was a little girl, when I would get anxious, upset, or angry I would try to literally “cool off” with a shower or a bath. But, in the summertime I’d be able to cool off in the pool at my Nan’s house. Whenever I was in the water, I could feel myself being in my own little world.

Before I understood that I was Autistic, I felt alone and different. I was anxious and afraid of almost everything. At parties or family get-togethers, I was afraid to walk into a crowded or loud room, or to talk to my own family unless I was in a room with just me and the other person.

As I grow up, I am starting to feel like I’m growing into my name – I might not always be understood right away, but I am honest, kind, and I have courage. Remember – Princesses aren’t just girls with pretty faces and tiaras. They are secretly some of the smartest women in the room. It just takes others a while to catch on!

That’s all I’ve got for now, until next time 🙂

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