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A Wonderful Summer

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The last day of Summer was in September. It’s now October, and I already feel the fall chill embracing me. Winter will be here before I know it, and I’m already changing out my wardrobe for warmer articles of clothing. When the weather changes, I like to reflect on events, and this Summer was full of merriment. I attended two graduations, a birthday party, and am making plans to have a family vacation in 2020. It was a nice change of pacing going to all these parties because I only see my family during the holidays otherwise.

The avatar for ASDNext blogger Ziggie has his name and a large stylized letter Z.I’m sure we’ve all heard, “You’ve gotten so big,” from family. As a kid, you’re like “okay whatever,” but when you get older yourself, you end up saying the same thing, ironic isn’t it? Graduation adds a period on your highschool life, and then that book closes, and another opens. This particular cousin is one that I’ve known since she was a baby. Her family lived right next door, so I’m well acquainted with them. One aspect that I find inspiring about her accomplishments already is the fact that she’s working in automative. Women in the automotive industry are not often seen, so I proud to know a woman in that field, and she happens to be my younger cousin.

Moving on to the next event, it was a surprise party for my Uncle’s 60th. The venue was at a private pavilion in the largest county park in my state. That day he had spent time with his son in law at the shooting range, and afterward, they were going to pick something up for the son in law’s work. Of course, when they pulled in, my Uncle was met with family and friends, wishing him a happy birthday! As we get older, birthdays sometimes don’t feel as relevant compared to when we were kids. I think everyone deserves a party now and again, especially when you turn 60!

Finally, the last party was a Pig Roast. These relatives reside in rural PA and have acres of farmland where they live. Seeing an animal prepared and cooked that way is a unique experience. The taste of the pig is very distinct when compared to meats you would purchase at the store; I’m not sure if I liked or if it was something I would have to acquire a taste for it. Having a pig roast and combining it with a graduation party was an unforgettable experience!

Life has its ups and downs, and I think it’s imperative to spend time with family because I’ve found that life can be short. The last family vacation that I took was when I was five years old, and our family went to Florida. I’m in my 20’s now, and I hope to make more memories with family members I see infrequently. This Summer was one that I won’t forget.