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A quirk is as a peculiar habit and or behavior about a person. Everyone has them. For many, words like ‘peculiar’ and ‘quirk’ are negative words, but not for me! There are some quirks that many of us on the spectrum seem to have in common. Some examples might be noticing incredibly small details, preferring to plan things ahead of time carefully, being sensitive, or hating the feel of tags inside your shirt.

I have all those quirks and more – But to be perfectly honest, I love my quirks. Because of my quirks, I’m able to plan things ahead of time (which can come in handy). I notice small details that others might miss, which often proves to be helpful when you’d least expect it.

I also have quirks such as being good with my hands (I fidget). But that means that small tasks like crocheting or getting knots out of necklaces or untangling Christmas tree lights are a breeze for me! I’d have to say my favorite quirk is what I believe makes me a hard worker – I’m what some might call a “Busy Bee”. When I am given a task and or have a job to complete, and I use everything I have to work hard to complete the task and deliver on my promise.

All of these quirks are what make up my personality – they are what make me unique.

I believe we should look at our quirks like a superpower or a talent. In my opinion, if everyone was the same, the world would be a really boring place. If I lived in a world everyone was the same and didn’t have anything that made them different from others, I would honestly be bored out of my mind. There wouldn’t be anything new for me to write about, nothing new to explore, and no one to learn from. I am so happy to live in a world where every single person can stand out from a sea of people. It’s actually pretty amazing.

That’s all I got for today, see ya soon

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