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A podcast according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “a program made available digitally for automatic download over the internet.” Podcasts are a form of media content that was developed in 2004 when a former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software developer Dave Winer coded the “iPodder.” The iPodder was a program that let a user download internet radio broadcasts to their Apple iPad. This is where the term and meaning of podcast was born, taking its name from the blend of iPad and broadcast. Today podcasts are an extraordinary popular form of entertainment and having progressed beyond being downloadable radio shows. Each podcast is a series created by a host then is published episode by episode online where subscribers can download ed and listen to each episode when it is released. A podcast is extremely popular – in fact users are averaging 19 hours a week watching online videos in 2022 which is almost 50% more than in 2021.

Billion Podcast statistics show that 41% of America has listened to a podcast every month and that podcast advertising market worldwide is expected to reach $3.46 billion in 2023. Those numbers show that podcasting has become a medium that lots of brands are using to reach a diverse audience. The number of podcast listeners is expected to reach 254.35 million by 2024 and according to Forbes “private podcasting” maybe the trend leading to smaller more intimate shows that are available to those with a private invite. Video podcasts are becoming increasingly popular thanks to YouTube adding support for podcast playlist and soon RSS. In fact, YouTube is now the number one source for podcast discovery. Podcasts are increasingly adding video content to what was once audio-only shows. Now I could talk about the different types of equipment you would need to do your own podcasts, what types of software is also available to make your own podcasts from home, how to make the best quality podcasts, and what the costs are for such items as I have listed here but that would take up too many paragraphs for this blog. But what I can tell you that podcast listeners have hundreds of thousands of different podcasts options that are available.

Here are the top 12 types of podcast genres:

1. comedy
2. drama
3. game show
4. health and fitness
5. investigative Journalism
6. news
7. politics
8. pop culture
9. religion
10. self-help
11. sports
12. true crime

There are six types of podcast formats:

1. Interview – The host invites a single guest or panelists to the episode and asks guided questions to maintain an interesting discussion.
2. Co-host Conversation – Two or more hosts have a conversation for each episode.
3. Monologue – In a monologue or solo podcast one host presents one different topic each new episode.
4. Storytelling – This format tells a story throughout several episodes.
5. Repurposed – A repurposed podcast is when a podcaster takes existing content like standup routine, orchestra performance, or radio show and repurposes into a podcast.
6. Bite-Sized – While traditional podcasts aim for forty minutes long each episode, the bite sized podcast creates small bits of content that may only last ten minutes.

Now you must be wondering why I am writing about podcasting. It is because I am part of a disability/autism Podcafé group. Members of the Podcafé group are self-advocates across Pennsylvania. The Podcafé is headed by Jennifer Jones and is assisted by Michelle Steiner. The podcast originates from the Center of Media innovations at the Point Park University in Pittsburg, PA. The name of the Podcafé is called the “Valid Podcast.” The podcast is funded by the Pittsburg FISA Foundation, a women-led organization that supports podcasts serving people with disabilities. All abilities Media is fiscally sponsored and legally overseen by the New Sun Rising also in Pittsburg. I have been with the Podcafé group for over a year now and I enjoy doing it. I, along with another self-advocate, have been given the chance to do a voice over for a couple of podcasts. In conclusion, if you would like to know more about the podcasts or would like to join the valid podcast we do get in touch with Jennifer Jones at the Unabridged Press.

Thomas Hassell

Thomas is 62 years old and has spent the past few decades involved in autism-related social/support groups among other organizations and has become a well-known self-advocate throughout Pennsylvania. For the past 15 years, he’s led a group called “Spectrum Friends” that helps people with autism come together, listen to guest speakers, make new friends, and go on fun field trips. He’s also won and been nominated for multiple disability/autism advocacy awards for his work within the community. Thomas continues to strive for greatness every day and is looking forward to sharing his life story and amazing experiences through ASDNext blogs!

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