Weekend Over the Campfire

By Khylil

With the weather finally getting warmer I thought it was probably a good idea for me to go out and move a bit more by taking part in activities other than the conferences and the public speeches I have attended this month for autism awareness. I wanted to get out and do more outside like jogging around my neighborhood and taking long walks. I guess when I previously mentioned that I was trying to enjoy my days off I meant that I would like to take part in more of these activities. I would like to enjoy the view instead of spending the weekend online shopping and collecting things.

One activity that I did this past weekend (Saturday April 20, 2019) has given me a little taste of being outside in the weather.  For this activity I went to a campfire gathering with a few of my friends. I didn’t think this would differ from what I did back when I went to the hot pot restaurant, but actually this was kind of different because I felt as though I did more in the activity department.  I played card games and listened to music around the fire, rather than actually roasting anything over it.

I will admit that I want to improve on my social skills, and even though I had that part of my life almost as good as I want it to be, I still wish to get used to going to more natural outings sometimes and just enjoy looking at the smaller things in life.  Typically, I don’t go out and do any hiking or exploring, but recently I have started to get interested in activities like this.

Hopefully one day I will be able to plan a trip where I go camping and explore nature more than the city.  It’s not something I see myself doing at in the near future, but I might consider it a summertime activity!