The Importance of Water Safety

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Water safety is something I took for granted in my life. I didn’t need to worry or think much about it, if at all. I was often careless regarding my safety in the water. I believed nothing bad would happen to me.I had two major times that scared me involving swimming at the beach. I was pulled out in a rip current both times and thank goodness I was able to swim back to shore. Did these experiences really affect me? Well, yes and no. I’m much more careful about being aware of my situation, especially near water. It wasn’t until now though that I seriously researched the internet regarding the topic of water safety. There is a lot of great info on water safety for kids. This is very helpful for families with children. However, I wanted to learn about safety guidelines for adults. I needed to work harder to find the same important information regarding adults. All of it was basic common-sense information that could save lives if used. Some of the concepts I knew but a few I hadn’t thought of before.Unfortunately, I couldn’t find specific resources for adults who are on the autism spectrum. I would have really liked to learn how this topic affects people like me. I would love to see more about water safety and adults with autism. In the meantime, I can read about and use the rules for adults that apply to my situation. Have you ever faced a situation like mine? What did you do? Did it work? What would you change? Did you learn anything? In my case, I learned that I need to be much more careful when going to the beach and going in a body of water. I’m most grateful that I have more knowledge and awareness going forward. I wish each of my readers a happy and safe summer.Please see the links below for information regarding water safety tips for adults:

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