From Waiting to Future Goals

By Out-of-Sync Woman

I have this image of me sitting in a waiting room trying to figure out what I want my future to look like. There are many possible doors I could pick from to leave the room. I have discovered that it is very comfortable to live in this room so I need to move forward and pick a door. For the immediate future, I’m going to focus on three goals.

I’d like to start by taking better care of my physical health. This means conscientiously eating and incorporating more physical activity into my life. I plan to eat more vegetables, decrease portion sizes, and decrease sugar consumption. I can see this goal taking two years to achieve a happier, healthier me.
My second goal is to simplify my life. What that means to me: Have less stuff in my apartment, keep my place tidy, and be better organized physically and mentally. My end goal is to keep on top of my daily/weekly cleaning schedule so I don’t get overwhelmed. I need to use my calendar so I don’t “double book” myself or lose track of my appointments and responsibilities. I envision that it may take about 6 months to achieve this goal with more consistency.
Lastly, I would like to have more friends and friendly acquaintances. I realize that beyond a few core friends, I don’t have a lot of deep connections. I’m struggling the most with how to achieve this goal, especially during more uncertain times where it’s more difficult to meet new people and socialize in person. I need to put myself out there more but before I do that, I need to brush up on my social skills. I need to do this to feel less anxious when meeting new people, whether in person or online (as Zoom meetings have increased in popularity.) I think that this goal could take up to a year, but most likely, it will continue on throughout my life.
So, I have my general ideas of what I want to accomplish which is good. I also have timeframes for my goals, in addition to the basic steps of how to achieve these goals. Thinking of my goals is great but now I need to move on to the “action” stage! I need to put the time, energy, and motivation into working toward these goals daily. Hopefully, this blog inspires you to think about what you want to accomplish. I wish you well in making, working on, and achieving your goals!