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Two cat conundrum blog

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I’m hoping by the time you’re reading this blog my two cats will be getting along better. I thought that my first cat who is older was lonely for a long time. Turns out I was very wrong about that. He was really unhappy especially right after I brought the much younger playful cat. Flash forward two year, they still aren’t best friends but they’re getting along better, I think. Looking back, I think I would have been better off only having one cat.
> I really like the second cat; he is soft like a rabbit and is incredibly fun to watch run around my apartment. He is so playful and loves to try to catch the toy on the kitty “fishing pole.” He zooms around, leaps and has a blast trying to catch the fuzzy worm toy. I have to watch him because he tries to free the toy by biting through the line on the fishing pole. I find joy spending time with this cat even though my first cat wishes I would send him back where he came from.
> My first cat loves sitting on my lap and purrs quite loudly. He enjoys being petted a lot and likes to sleep next to my head at night. His other favorite thing is food; I know he would prefer if I feed him more. He is tries to tell me I should feed him more, however I’m strong-willed enough not to give in. He enjoys the kitty fishing pole too. I try to make time to give each cat their own independent playtime but I’m not always successful in achieving that.
> I’m heading to the vet soon as my second cat has his annual checkup that includes shots as well. I’m hopeful that it won’t be too expensive a visit. In a few months, my first cat goes to the vet for bloodwork and his yearly checkup. Fingers crossed that both appointments go well and don’t end up costing too much.
> In a lot of ways, having one cat was easier to take care of and less expensive too. Looking back on it, I really didn’t know what I was getting into getting a second cat. More time and more money are needed and things are more complicated when you add one more animal to the mix. However, I’m happy with my decision, just not as happy as I thought I would be. So in a lot of ways (like most things in life), it’s a mixed bag of feelings and emotions.
> Have you the reader ever experienced things going differently than you planned? Was it better or worse than you predicted? Or are you like me in that you have mixed emotions and it’s kind of a mix of both? Do you think you would make the same decision or a different one knowing what you know now? I really hope you enjoyed this blog and that you found it useful and a bit entertaining too. Best wishes in regards to all future endeavors.

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