Twists and Turns

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Sometimes in life you are deal with unexpected twists and turns, things don’t always turn out the way you plan. Sometimes it can be better than you expected or worse. In life we all try to better ourselves and make things as easy as possible but with having Autism this can be more challenging.

In school there are certain expectations that are expected of every student. You are to show up to class on time, with all your materials and homework completed. When you have Autism this can be a daunting task, especially when you consider the chaos of a school hallway everyone rushing and running to get to their destination as quickly as possible. You may find yourself becoming lost and not knowing where you are at, when this happens you begin to feel a sense of dread. You begin to panic wondering if you will get in trouble or what may happen to you if you are late to class.

This is only a few things that I have experienced all throughout high school. I remember the feeling that I felt when these situations would occur, the sense of defeat and failure. I tried to keep my head up and to think positive but my struggle was all too real. I would struggle to understand the lessons being taught, and homework time was the worst of it all. I would sometimes sit there for hours frustrated beyond belief trying to get the homework completed. Most times I would just become so upset I would just write down anything just to say it was completed.

Once I was diagnosed with autism it became clear my struggle and made everything made sense. I had to find coping techniques in order to manage. I would just have to do whatever I could to adjust and make changes in order to help myself. It was difficult at first having to ask for help but once I did it was like a weight had been lifted. I was free, I was finally able to show the world that I was and am and I wasn’t ashamed anymore. Now I feel the skies the limit as to what I can accomplish and I am going to take every chance I can


Marissa is a student at Lebanon Valley College where she is studying communications. Marissa completed an internship with ASDNext in the spring of 2018 and guest wrote blogs during that time.

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