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Spring is here, and I’ve noticed more and more people outside while I’m on my daily walks around my neighborhood. And they’re often wearing a Fitbit or other type of fitness tracker. They probably want to get into shape. Summertime is coming and that means shorts and bathing suit season is coming!

When I was younger, I would sometimes have a small bowl of chips in front of me and see a commercial on tv about diet plans and begin to wonder “Am I healthy enough to be having a snack?”. But I’m learning that being healthy includes much more. It means a balanced diet, exercise, a well-balanced sleeping schedule, and good personal hygiene. For your mind and soul, it might also mean writing in a journal, or going to church, or meditating.

I was in dance classes at a young age doing ballet, tap and jazz so I was able to get in plenty of indoor exercise when it got colder outside. And me, my mom and sister go to the track at our local high school to get a nice walk in. But exercising isn’t the only thing you need to feel truly healthy. I’m not gonna lie – I am not a fan of vegetables, but I do sometimes snack on a carrot now and then and I drink cucumber water to stay hydrated. I like to have fruit, toast and green tea for breakfast and start my day full of energy!

I am no supermodel. But in a way, I feel like one because I feel beautiful inside and out. And when I feel like having a snack, I love chips or sharing popcorn with my mom while we watch tv together…..because you need those moments now and then. When I was little, I loved helping my mom baking cookies, cakes, brownies. Now I can make them by myself, and mom will now and then help me out – Nothing compares to having chocolate chip cookies in the oven on a cold day. It really does all come back to BALANCE. It’s the “happy medium” that makes me feel both strong and happy.

Sure, sometimes wish I was taller or thinner, but mostly I am just happy being who I am. And I have my mom to thank for that.

That’s all I have for now. Until next time!


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