True Courage

By Sarah Matincheck

Sometimes people wonder what real courage is, and if they even have real courage. 

We’re all facing Covid-19.  People have been afraid about the future and wondering if and when things will ever go back to normal. One night, I was watching “The Wizard of Oz” to pass time and it got to the part of the Lion singing about how much he wanted to have some courage because he believed he didn’t have any. But while watching the movie, I was beginning to doubt the lion for saying he had no courage. The Lion was afraid to go to Emerald City, but he did. He was afraid to see the wizard, but he did. He was afraid to go to the witch’s castle, but he did. Finally, he was afraid to go into the Witch’s castle to save Dorothy, but he did it! The Lion really was courageous – He had courage all along….

Even though he was as scared as a kitten and kept holding his tail for comfort, that Lion went out and did all the things he was afraid of in order to get what he wanted, to find his courage. He wasn’t alone. His friends were understanding and encouraged him to keep going. They accepted him and believed in him. 

There are times I’m afraid to admit I need help with something because I’m worried others will think I’m weak or not smart enough to do it on my own. I believe The Wizard of Oz writers put a twist on the Lion’s well-known symbol of bravery and courage to show that even the biggest people (or even cats) can get scared sometimes. Even though many of us are scared about what the future holds, we’re not walking the Yellow Brick road alone. Reach out for help when you need it! We are all human beings with hearts, brains, courage and so much more.

What I’m trying to say is that true courage isn’t showing you’re not afraid. True courage really is being afraid, but doing it anyways. 

By the way… My zodiac sign happens to be the Lion, and the Lion is the symbol of Bravery!!

Until next time –