Treating Myself, Financial Savvy Pays Off!

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I was so excited waiting for my new furniture to arrive as this is the first time I have gotten new furniture. I had many thoughts racing through my mind, such as how will the furniture look in my apartment and will it fit through the door?  I will say that next time I definitely need to take measurements before buying big items. Luckily everything looks good and fit through my front door, even if it was a tight squeeze! It was also uncomfortable having people I didn’t know going in and out of my apartment setting up the furniture. I wasn’t sure what to do other than to try and stay out of their way. I was very happy when the setting up process was finished and I signed the paperwork and thanked them for their hard work and professionalism.

I put sheets over the new furniture since I need to spray a stain guard made to protect the fabric of my new sofa. In addition, I needed to order an allergen neutralizing spray as the new sofa and chair appear to affect my allergies. I’m hoping to spray the protective layer soon and then the allergy spray. My cat appears to enjoy laying on the sheets on top of the sofa. I find it amazing how fast my cat finds a new soft place to sit and hang out! It’s certainly a good thing that I remembered to put the sheets on the new sofa and chair.

I’m quite proud of myself; I saved the money and waited a long time to get new furniture. I got a great sale on good furniture that I liked a lot and that looks good in my apartment. I had more than enough to pay off the bill. Since the store was offering a 12 month no interest deal, I’m taking more time to pay off the bill as this leaves me with “just in case” money in the bank. I always want to make sure I have savings in the bank to cover unexpected expenses. While new things are fun, it’s not worth worrying about if I have enough money in the bank to cover my fixed living costs like rent, my phone bill, other utilities, and the like. I like feeling in control of my life and my money. I feel out of control if I spend too much and the anxiety I feel isn’t worth it to me. Having enough time to think is very important to me so I try to plan ahead. I also ask myself questions like:

Do I need this? Will this help me or make me happier? Can it wait? Can I afford it? Do I have space and time for it? Asking myself questions before I buy is much simpler than having to return the item or items.

Finding a way to live within your means is a lifelong process that takes practice. There are lots of different ways to do that. It’s important to find the ones that work for you. In the meantime, I’m going to be relaxing on my new sofa with a good book and my cat, and enjoy listening to the pitter-pat of the rain!

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