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Being aware that this month is the start of a new year, I never really knew what to improve for myself as the monthly norm. Then it suddenly hit me: I’ve always wanted to become a better speed typist. To do this, I pretty much have to spend a good 1-2 hours daily working on it to do so. I don’t see this as my main goal, since my graduation is my top priority, but I see it as something that I like and soon make part of my life. This is what I hope to accomplish; making stressful subjects such as math and typing a more relaxed and casual activity instead of seeing it as something I have to do at school.

I’ve been practicing my typing ever since 2003 but I’ve never really seen it as something I was really interested in. Now, typing is just something I want to do so I can be better at it. But to do it for fun? I’m not sure about that.

Just to further explain, it seems like I was able to do so well at typing because I only did it in school, but that didn’t always work out too well because typing seemed to interrupt me as I was trying to create thoughts. It was very hit and miss. Now, I look at some of the past articles I’ve written for the blog, and realize how much the process of writing was able to influence my typing. I can go on for days, just coming up with personal interests and then, it seems like my typing does the rest.

I am very thankful to be able to do this because of the fact that it brings out my personal interests and I hope to do more soon! Not just on this blogging page, but also about certain activities and other typing related sites just to improve my skills. Hopefully, I can do this and so much more in 2017 and make today better than the rest! Along with everyone else, may you too become achievers for a better year!


My name is Khylil Robinson, I recently finished taking classes Community College of Philadelphia. I am really glad to have this opportunity to share my personal experiences towards other autistic individuals like myself. During my spare time, I like to improve my typing skills and play video games. I don’t think I am as good as I think myself to be, but I have accomplished a lot regarding my disability and I want to keep on moving forward in life and in school. I intend to fulfill my goal as a public speaker for autism and a math major in the future.

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