The European Melting Pot

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Have you ever wondered where your ancestors descended from? Thanks to my own curiosity, I’ve spent some time doing research and it turns out that I have German, Mexican, Croatian, and Polish ancestry. So, I am basically what’s called a European Melting Pot. My interest in this topic started when I was watching TV on afternoon, and an advertisement for one of those ancestry web sites came on.  


After I learned where my family surname(s) are from, I needed to know more. I kept digging and I learned that Croatia has a large lavender field called Hvar Island. Germany is the oldest known land of poets and thinkers and inventors, and the source of many Christmas traditions.  Did you know that Mexico is known for its amazing chocolates and beautiful beaches? Poland is known for its beautiful amber jewelry and their culture signifies the contributions to art, music, philosophy and literature. 


Learning all of this made me realize, much of what I do and enjoy honors my cultures. From my Polish roots I contribute to literature by writing my blogs and journaling. With my German heritage, I am a creative thinker. And as for my Mexican roots, I do enjoy being on the beach (and eating chocolate)! Maybe enjoying the scent of lavender doesn’t count for much, but after some more research, I learned that Game of Thrones was filmed in Croatia (so you’re welcome)!

I always enjoy learning new things whenever I can, but to learn about my family history and what my ancestors’ lands are known for aside from beer (Germany), tacos (Mexico), danishes

(Poland) or waterfalls (Croatia) has been fascinating to me.  


I am proud to be a unique thinker and writer. And I look forward to learning more and more about my cultures and discovering more about myself along the way. Whenever you get the chance to learn about where you come from….to learn about what makes you so unique and special…..I hope you’ll find it as interesting as I do.


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Sarah (the European Melting Pot!) 

Sarah Matincheck

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