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I believe that everyone has a natural skill in something; maybe a sport, or art, or cooking – You get the idea! Some of my own talents are writing and crocheting. These talents help define me. They are a part of who I am and have helped me understand what other strengths and weaknesses I have. 


Studies show that a person on the spectrum often has some very unique skills, such as being able to solve advanced puzzles, or having a long-term memory. Embrace your talents!  They can lead to very positive things. For example, talents can help a person choose a career path that’s a good match for them.


I’ve shared before that I believe that talents can be used as a way to help relax and ease stress. For example, whenever I feel anxious and need to take five minutes away from the real world, I look for an opportunity to take a deep breath and imagine myself doing a crocheting project or writing in my journal as a way to think about something else and to occupy myself. You see, my talents are not only something that I’m good at, but they are also a valuable coping skill to relax my body and mind.


Consider looking to your own special talents when you need an outlet for your stress or anxiety. Personally, my talents of writing and crocheting have helped me learn to fidget less, and focus more!


Well, that’s all I have for today, until next time 😉

Sarah Matincheck

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