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What's Your Superpower?

October, 2008 - 8 year old Sarah is dressed as Super Girl for Halloween

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When people think of superpowers, they tend to think of flying, running at super speed, walking through walls, and so on. But as I’ve been going through life with our new normal, I’ve also redefined my definition with superpowers.  

Everyone has superpowers and many times, they don’t even know it. My mom thinks that my superpower would be being optimistic about things during COVID 19. I work at a nursing home and throughout this pandemic, the days have been hard on the residents, their families, the nurses, and staff. Day after day, I use my superpower to look on the bright side of things. 

For example, I spend more time with my sister, Jessica. We go on walks at our high school track, help our mom and dad with chores. We’ve even traded bedrooms and re-decorated them! I’ve had plenty of time for some of my favorite hobbies, like crocheting stuffed animals for my co-workers and family members. I’ve read more books, taken lots of long walks, and spent more time with family. 

Everyone has their own superpowers that help them cope with what is going on in the world. It might be having a positive outlook, it might be having great leadership skills, or being determined. We can’t fly around wearing cool costumes and capes like the ones in comic books, but we can remember that we all have a mission to do. And that mission is to take each day and do our best – No matter what. 

Until next time – 


Sarah Matincheck