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A big social event is happening in February: the Super Bowl. While I’m not a football fan, I really enjoy watching the Super Bowl commercials. I never really understood what the big deal was for many years but I think I understand now. This annual game is important because it’s the culmination of many games to see who has the best football team of the year.

The Super Bowl an opportunity to gather with friends, family, and neighbors to have a party. My family used to have a huge Super Bowl party every year. There were lots of people, food and the noise of people enjoying spending time together. I really don’t like crowds so I would grab a plate of food and head to my room, only coming out if I got hungry. My Mom didn’t like the parties as much as my Dad did because she would be in charge of the invitations, cleaning, and food preparation, but she knew it important to my Dad. My Dad loved hosting this party every year and lots of other people looked forward to it. They would root for their favorite team, consort with each other, talking with friends, neighbors, and new acquaintances. I believe for most of the people, the game was an excuse to gather together.

I never really got the point of the game and what the fuss was all about. It wasn’t til’ many years later at a good friend’s house that I understood that when you’re rooting for a team, it can feel like you’re part of the team, and the team’s success is your success. Having your favorite football team in the Super Bowl gives you a way to connect to other people and gives you something to talk about. It can feel like you’re part of something much larger than yourself.

Even though I now get why so many people watch the game, talk about the game and even take the next day off, I will most likely never be a serious football fan. I will most likely only watch the game for the commercials and half time show if I do watch at all. What are your thoughts and feelings about this big cultural event? Do you look forward to it, or do you dread and avoid it?

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