Summer is Over: What is There For Me in the Fall?

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As summer starts to die down, I wonder what my next set of plans will be since I would usually be starting school around this time. Since I won’t be doing anything school or work related for a while, I think I’ll just go on the rest of this autumn actually enjoying it and taking a small breath before I go for my next move in December and January. This just feels new to me because I never got the chance to really think this much on what I should do next, but I am very confident that by the time it all ends I will feel confident in the decision that I make.

So as for this break in the fall, this is going to feel very new to me because I am not too sure on how I should spend my time this fall but there are probably lots of things that I can enjoy. I’m usually the busiest person around that time, and now that I’m actually strongly thinking of continuing school in the spring, maybe I should get my head straightened by taking some pictures and enjoying the scenery. Since I enjoy taking pictures, maybe I can try to expand the way I travel in parts of Philly to take pictures and get my mind off of the situations that worry me and make it a time worth having before I continue off to school. Or, I might spend more time writing to get my very nervous thoughts out. Whatever it is, I won’t let this become an issue to me in the future or in other events where I have long breaks like this.


My name is Khylil Robinson, I recently finished taking classes Community College of Philadelphia. I am really glad to have this opportunity to share my personal experiences towards other autistic individuals like myself. During my spare time, I like to improve my typing skills and play video games. I don’t think I am as good as I think myself to be, but I have accomplished a lot regarding my disability and I want to keep on moving forward in life and in school. I intend to fulfill my goal as a public speaker for autism and a math major in the future.

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