Stepping Outside My Box

By Khylil

In the past few weeks, I’ve noticed that I have gotten better with being a team player and a team leader. Sometimes I don’t think I do well as a team player or team leader because I don’t really talk that much, nor do I like to share my thoughts in a verbally communicative session. Typing isn’t really that much of a problem, but talking about how to discuss certain things have been a problem for me because I can be such a pessimist whenever I try to explain something face to face. Over the past two months though I believe that is what happened, I have been to some social gatherings and explored outside of my regular settings to become LESS afraid of me just staying in one place.

It started in a meeting that my mother and I went to about advocacy offered by Self Advocates United as 1 (SAU1), and I just saw how I was able to work with others on planning and become a team leader when needed. For a first step, it seemed pretty interesting despite my fear being that I don’t like to move much. This session taught me how to be good at group projects, assisting others who may not have a possible opinion and possibly become better at gaining a personality that others would understand.

Being involved more made me feel better and I really want to try and embrace this more rather than to zone out on my weaknesses. I have also been able to become more involved with activities as well and plan activities for the future. I hope for more to come and to keep working on accomplishing my personal tasks, because every day is an obstacle, but I feel as though I can get better as I slowly improve myself in society.

For more information on self-advocacy and Self Advocates United as 1 (SAU1) check out their Facebook page here.