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Solo Mission: February the Final Frontier

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There are many things I’ve learned over the years and that I need to keep in mind. I’m focusing in a more inward direction this February. I find the below thoughts helpful and I hope that you find them helpful too.

• Everyone has their own unique experiences. Others will try to give you advice so take what works for you and forget about the rest. Your experience will be unlike anybody else’s so finding what works for you is important.

• Learning to express yourself and your feelings is a lifelong process but doesn’t stop once you become an adult.

• It’s okay to have negative emotions and its okay to be angry but making another person feel bad doesn’t help you feel better.

• Your family is not perfect and they will not always understand you but they still love you.

• Learning how to make friends is as important as good grades in life. If you’re struggling in school, remember that it doesn’t last forever.

• Comparing yourself to others is a losing game and makes life harder.

• You are important and what you do does matter every day.

• Try not to take what others say too personally since they might be projecting their problems onto you. It’s not fair, but lots of people do it.

• There are lots of different ways to do the same thing; there is no “right” way.

• No one is “normal.” Everyone is different! Learning that took me the longest, and I have to remind myself of this every day.

• Emotions are temporary. It’s important to remember that you are NOT that emotion!

Hopefully this list inspires you to find what works best for you. Remember, you are a unique individual with your own life experiences. Much joy to you with discovering your own path!

Out-of-Sync Woman

I was diagnosed at a young age and went through the special education system in public schools. Family is incredibly important to me as I grew up in a large supportive family. I enjoy being outside in nature and arts and crafts.

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