Social Distancing and Electronics

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I do find it funny how I never seem to get off the topic of whether I don’t mind staying in by myself or trying to go out and do stuff; mentality can change.  Sometimes I even have a self-reflection while I am doing more social gatherings. With the recent outbreak involving COVID-19, I feel as though I have yet to keep those same exact goals as I try to at least use social media as a positive outlet…, and weirdly enough, it’s actually working.

The reason why I think it’s weird because I usually don’t want to use my cellphone a lot, unless it’s for taking pictures and editing them. But right now, because of social events unable to happen and wanting to communicate with people that I have met, now I often get phone calls and will actually have a conversation, or I play some iMessage games. Despite the fact that I haven’t ever played any phone games with other people, it goes give me a chance to communicate with others who I haven’t spoken to in a while and catch up, which is something I have never really taken into consideration. 

I guess the same could be said about video games, which is a little different from phone calls and cellphone games. It is different to me because there I would be in group conversations and be comfortable with the people, but now I can’t tell if that’s because of people faking their identity online or coming off as someone else. I have been in GROUP CONVERSATIONS (the one thing I have always backed away from) and felt great about it. The reason why this feels weird to me because I don’t do well with groups, both outside of my house and on a video game group discussion. If anything, it’s much harder to observe when voicing than writing because some words are hard to pick up due to satellite issues and microphone sensitivity, but I have slowly gained a liking to it.

I have also utilized social media groups and social media gatherings. I have been using sources (mainly Instagram and Zoom) for some group interactions and even some activities to do at home. Now I often go live at home and show a video game or something that has been keeping my hands busy, or I would play a song that would really interest me and people would question what I am listening to, since many of the songs are based off video game titles (Mainly Sonic the Hedgehog, Jet Grind Radio/Jet Set Radio, and Streets of Rage). Either way, I had some pretty interesting conversations at home and with others people that also had the same interests that I had.

Now that’s not to say that I have built a sense of comfort in staying at home and barely going out, but because I had done this often, I just know how to kick myself out of boredom. However, the intent that I want to go out and still explore things still come in mind, but since social distancing and small interactions are something that I am trying to keep in mind, I just prefer to not leave the house. So as we are dealing with this, hope that everyone stays safe, sanitized and relaxed for those who don’t have to go out much! But most importantly… stay safe everyone!