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When I was 5 years old, my younger sister was born. I was so happy because I was finally a big sister to a little sister!

Growing up my sister and I would play dress up with our dad’s old hockey jerseys, watch movies in our parent’s room, and every summer we’d spend time at our grandparent’s house by the pool splashing around and having fun. But as time went by, I learned more about myself – about being autistic. And my parents told Jessica about it too.

There were times when we would have small arguments and get stressed out with each other (like normal siblings do), but back then, I always felt as if I were to blame because I was Autistic. Now that I’m older and looking back at those moments, I realize I was just being silly. Being Autistic had nothing to do with how I was with my sister. I adore and love her – At times, she’s almost my big sister with how she helps me understand certain social cues, picking out outfits that will suit me better, and she even takes the time to do the things I enjoy like swimming in the ocean, listening to my blog ideas or looking at my crochet projects. I try to do the same for her when it comes to her interests like shopping and art….And I always try not to talk during movie night!

It’s not always easy for siblings to get along. In my case, my sister and I have to work at finding common ground and know when to give each other space and understanding.

I’m not gonna lie, sibling life isn’t always easy. Arguments happen and they probably always will. But that’s normal sibling life – but let’s face it, everyone needs that special someone in their life who will point things out to them that they might not realize….siblings are the people we practice on, the people who teach us about fairness and cooperation and kindness and caring.


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Me with my sister Jessica – Spring 2009


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