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I love the idea of a “please touch” museum. I know there are places geared towards children where children and their parents are encouraged to touch and interact with the exhibit. However, as an adult who rarely spends time with children, I would really like to go somewhere where it’s okay and set up for adults so I can use my sense of touch. I’m so tired of keeping my hands to myself and being so careful not to brush against stuff.

Being able to interact with my surroundings brings me great joy. This is why I love having my own apartment and living with my two cats. Within reason, I have control of my own environment and I can move items to where they make sense to me. My cats usually let me pet them and spend time with them. In fact, my orange tabby cat is right next to me as I write this blog. Being able to freely touch my cats helps my mental health because I feel less alone and disconnected from the world.

I feel really strongly that the sense of touch is important to being a healthy, happy human being. I know that my sensory needs could be different than other people’s needs. I would recommend being curious and seeking out what you need and want to be happy and healthy whenever possible. My Dad was very sensitive to light so he would need the blinds down and he wore sunglasses outside most of the time. I, on the other hand, need more light to feel comfortable. One term I have heard is sensory diet which means giving your body the sensory sensations that feel good to you and avoiding the ones that don’t feel good or pleasing to you. Discovering what works for you is part of the joy of being a human being so be patient, take time to learn about yourself and what brings you joy. Best of luck on your journey of discovery!

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