Self-Care: Limiting Social Media

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I’m trying to do my very best to limit the amount of news I’m exposing myself either through the radio, internet or television. I’m trying to update myself only twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. It’s hard for some reason; I feel like if I don’t keep watching or listening obsessively I will miss something important about the coronavirus and its impact. However, I found that watching too much news is not good for my mental health in that it was causing me to panic. I already struggle with anxiety and I don’t need to do that to myself. I’m now telling myself if i check the news twice a day, it will have any important information I need included in the content.

I’m also trying to choose my source of information carefully. I personally prefer National Public Service and Public Broadcasting Service to get my information for the day. The CDC is another great place to keep up on the latest information regarding the coronavirus. I can also use the Pennsylvania State website which will have more specific information regarding state and county changes, especially closings and restrictions.

In order to keep to my twice a day limit regarding the news, I’m keeping myself busy and trying to stick to a routine. Though I admit today I’m really off routine since I hardly slept last night, I’m really taking it easy today by doing crafts and reading a good book. I also have to be careful about overdoing fun things too so I need to set a timer and figure out my limit for how long I do any activity. It’s very easy for me to lose track of time and find myself hours later doing the same thing even though I had planned on only doing it for an hour or some cases, half an hour.

Living on my own means that I’m responsible for my time and for what I do and do not accomplish. I have to take care of myself and be smart about how I spend my time and energy. It’s easier for me to do a little at a time and keep up with what I need to do rather than put it off and have a whole bunch of stuff to do seemingly all at once. These are some of the things that I’m doing for myself these days. I’m not always that successful but I’m trying my best. Feel free to share what is working best for you at this time. I hope everyone is doing well and is healthy and safe.

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