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School Bake Sale: A Personal Highlight for Autism Awareness

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For autism awareness, my group in class had to make an event to donate for a charitable cause. I thought the event donations should go towards Jaden’s Voice (a non-profit organization for autism) so with this decision in hand, I felt very confident that I was able to explain my point, and was able to get a group of 9 people to agree! I felt so good about the way that this project went down, that I had to know how everyone was going with everyone during the aspect of this project.

I felt as though that this project alone was a really neat highlight of many things I wanted to accomplish before. I was able to feel comfortable around a large group of people and communicate with them on an idea that I pitched for the sake of autism awareness. Everyone working together in a harmonious large group setting was also a really neat highlight. The people in my group understood what I was going through, and everyone in the group worked together and helped me out in certain areas I wasn’t able to understand.

Also, I felt relieved when we all had a great time with this assignment. In particular, I think that there was a lot that was learned on what it meant to be in a group setting in the future. This wasn’t the first group that I worked with, but I feel as though that this was a group where we all loved the direction of the project and were confident with each other in certain decisions that were made in the process. Hopefully, I can take this learning experience and use it to go farther in group ideas like this in future projects.