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The Puzzle Piece

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As a hobby, I like to research interesting facts about autism.  Soon after I was diagnosed I learned that the symbol for autism is a puzzle piece. 

I love that the autistic symbol is a puzzle piece. And it’s been the symbol for Autism since 1963! I can really relate to this symbol. To me, it reflects the mysterious struggles that one with Autism may face. Such as the mystery of not being able to socialize well or to read social cues. 

For me, the puzzle piece symbolizes the question “Why did God give me Autism?”. I used to ask myself that a lot when I was in Elementary School because I wasn’t good at talking to kids my age or working in groups. I’d keep to myself and work quietly. And at recess, I’d just read a book on a bench or play on the swings.

The dictionary gives two definitions for the word Puzzle. One meaning is ‘what causes someone to feel confused because they cannot understand or make sense of something’. The other meaning is ‘a game/toy made to test ingenuity or knowledge of a person’. I personally feel that both definitions match the Autistic personality in how those on the spectrum can become confused and not necessarily understand what to do. But also, in how autism can test how the world sees their personal intelligence and strengths. 

The Puzzle Piece is very meaningful to the Autistic community. It represents the struggles, the confusion, and also the knowledge that so many of us have. I feel it is the perfect symbol for these exact reasons.

I hope you found this topic as interesting as I do!

Until next time,


Sarah Matincheck