Preplanning my Beach Vacation

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I’m really excited about my upcoming vacation to the beach with friends. What I’m nervous about is making sure I have everything ready when it’s time to go. Do I need to replace or get new clothes for the anticipated temperatures/weather conditions for the trip? Do I need to get any supplies such as paper products, soap, and/or meal items needed for the week? Did I budget enough money for planned expenses, as well as the unexpected (but often necessary) extra spending? How much cash should I take with me? Also, what do I need to do to get my cat and home ready for the pet sitters?

I feel a little overwhelmed right now but I’m sure with a little help I can break it down into small steps. I know I will have enough time if I don’t waste it procrastinating. The key thing is to keep track of what I’ve completed and what I still need to do.

Making sure that I have enough clothes that are in good condition with no rips, stains, pulls or are stretched out. Also, do I like the way they look and feel on me? If I don’t feel comfortable, I’m not going to wear it, or if I do, I won’t enjoy myself as much. It’s a no-win situation in any case. Turns out I did need to get a few T-shirts and shorts for the beach. I really don’t like shopping but in this case it was necessary. It’s a good thing I saved extra in case of unexpected costs. I almost forgot footwear; I need to make sure my shoes aren’t too worn and that I won’t hurt myself wearing them.

What supplies do I really need? Sunscreen for sure, and sunburn cream (such as aloe) since I often get sunburns. Beach towels and a book to read. I can’t forget to get grocery items right before we meet up to get on the road. Personal care items like toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant are pertinent. Take the basic things you need, but don’t overpack as space will be tight. Keep it simple and basic; you can always do without or buy it once you reach your destination.

I have been saving and putting money aside since anytime I go on a trip, I spend more than I do at home. I need to remember to keep track of what I spend of my allocated “trip money.” Spending on credit card counts too so keep a running total. I need to make sure I pay my share of costs. I talk with my friends about how to split costs ahead of time. Never assume regarding splitting costs, always plan ahead. I need to think about how much cash I need and keep track of that diligently. I also plan a budget of how much I want to spend per event, meal and/or day. This saves me from headaches in the future and I will feel more in control.

Ongoing tasks include cleaning my place and keeping tidy so I’m not overwhelmed with cleaning right before my trip. I need to make sure I have enough cat food and litter, planning to have enough to last past when I get home. I need to give my pet sitter my home key and phone number for the vet. A pet (or house!) sitter must have the phone number where they can reach you plus when when you are leaving and returning home. There’s lots to get done but I’m sure I can do it!

For me, this preparation helps me have fun and not worry so much about leaving home. Yes, it’s work but if I didn’t do it beforehand, I would be rushing right til’ the last minute and I would forget important things. Finding what works to prepare for a trip takes time and I have help from people I trust. There are lots of different sources, websites, and materials that help you prepare for a trip. I would suggest looking til’ you find what works best for you. I have included a few helpful links below. I wish you much success with planning for vacations and enjoying yourself to the fullest! 

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