App of the Month*: Penny

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Managing money isn’t usually fun, unless you’re using Penny! This free app helps people track income and spending through the help of your personal assistant, Penny. When you open the app, Penny is there to chat with you about your finances, making it simple and easy to track and save money! She’ll let you know what purchases you recently made, what bills you have coming due and can answer questions you have about your spending.

The app connects to your personal bank account (with your permission) and uses that information to let you know how you’re doing this month with saving and spending, estimating where you’ll be next month, giving you a heads up about upcoming bills, or even helping you cancel services you don’t use. The more you use the app and interact with Penny, the smarter she gets!

For individuals who may be intimidated with managing their own money, Penny can help make the process less intimidating and stressful. Many apps have lots of useful features, but they’re often hard to use and time-consuming. Penny automatically organizes your finances, explains them simply and clearly, and tells you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Penny is available through both the Apple and Google Play stores. The app is completely secure and if you decide to stop using it, they will permanently delete all of your information. If you’re looking to learn about managing your own money, this app may be a great place to start!


Free, easy to use, simple format, provides access to blogs and articles about money management





Not as many features as some other money management apps

*This is meant as a review and not a specific endorsement of an app or program. Remember to do a thorough review of your own before using any program and consider other options as well.