New Job Heebie Jeebies

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I just started a new position with new responsibilities and increased hours. I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment with anxiety regarding all the details that I need to remember to successfully do my job. I wonder if I’m good enough and fulfilling my job duties. I guess what I mean is I really want to quickly learn and be immediate awesome at my new job! Part of me knows this is unrealistic and unhelpful for me right now though.

I’m pretty sure what I’m feeling is pretty common to anyone in a new job. However, I know I feel it more intensely due to anxiety issues stemming from having Autism and learning disabilities. I understand that it takes me longer to do a lot of things that other people find easy and fast to do. I need to accept this but it is a sore spot for me and I’m really sensitive about it. I have been okay sitting with this discomfort for a bit in order to honor these complex emotions. I’m working on having faith that I can be good at this new job.

I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work on what I believe is important and worthwhile. The people I work with are really great and I’m looking forward to working on future projects with them. I get to learn new things, be creative, and work with people I like. There are so many positive things going on for me right now.

I’m curious, have you ever felt similarly to me about a situation? What helped you feel better about it? What advice would you give yourself for the future? As always, wishing all my readers the best with achieving their dreams!

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