New Job, New Goals

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Last month I shared that after more than two years at the nursing home, I was about to begin a new job (at Target). I was really nervous and excited, and also not sure how it would go. I am so happy to share that it was been wonderful! It is similar to my previous job, in that I get to work with people every day. The people are very friendly!  I get to see some familiar faces now and then too!


With my new job responsibilities, I’m earning a little bit more money, which is also nice! This has led me to start thinking more and more about my own goals. 


Growing up and going out to certain places like the mall, there’s almost always something you see that catches your eye. You would like to have it. But all those things cost money, which you work really hard to earn. So, you have a decision to make.


My parents would always tell me and my sister “just because you have money to spend, you don’t have to spend it all”. So, we would try to save up toward something we really want and keep it put in a bank account. 


A bank account is a place where you can store your money safely until you are ready to spend it. For me, when I was younger, this was a confusing concept – it was hard to visualize.  For example, when I would get a check from someone on my birthday Dad would say “we’ll put it in the bank”. He would then explain to me it would be added to the rest of my money in the bank and would tell me how much money I had in my savings. He always took the time to explain it to me, every time. 


Thanks to my dad’s help, I am able to keep track of my money and work towards my own goals. 


I love my new job – and the more I learn, the more confident I get in handling important things like managing my own money. I am very thankful to my dad for helping me learn how to do it. 

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