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My Love for Being in The Kitchen

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Hello everyone! I am here to talk about one of the few things I am passionate about. As you can see in the picture above, I love to cook and bake. In fact, I am learning to do both at the same time. I am about to tell you when I first started learning and when I gained a passion for it. Well, this is going to sound very awkward but I didn’t actually start learning to cook and bake until after my 30th birthday. Now, I know what you are thinking. Who only learns to cook at 30 years old? Some start at a young age and some start when they are older. You are never too old to learn new skills! My whole life I have been scared to learn because I never knew where to start. Well, I told myself that when I turned 30, I am learning how to cook and bake no matter what. That is just one of the goals I had made for myself and I am so far thriving in that. It’s one of those basic skills you need in life.

The first things I learned to make were yellow rice with green pigeon peas and potato salad. That was part of our Thanksgiving meal in which I took part in helping to make. I couldn’t believe that was the first Thanksgiving meal I helped cook. Now when it comes to every major holiday, I help make those side dishes. Over time, I have learned to cook meals such as sloppy joes and a breaded chicken cutlet meal.

Now I want to talk about my baking. As much as I love cooking, I am more of a baker at heart. The first thing I ever baked were chocolate chip cookies made from Betty Crocker cookie mix. Everyone in the house loves when I make my cookies and even buy the mix for me just to get me to make more of them. I get the joy of seeing them gone before dinner even starts. By dessert time even comes around, there is nothing left. I have made other baked goods like muffin tops and cornbread. When it comes to making cornbread, it never fails in deliciousness. It always comes out perfect. I have made other various desserts such as brookies, bread, rolls, even a red velvet cake and cupcakes. All of these are made from a box though because I haven’t learned to bake from scratch yet.

I personally find that cooking and baking can be fun yet very relaxing. It helps keep stress off your mind and it gives you something to focus on. I get a thrill from learning new recipes every week. In my opinion, cooking is a craft because you are making the meal like a work of art. The way you feel will also reflect in your meals and baked goods. For example, if you are feeling down then the food reflects that in a sense. That is just one thing I forgot to mention but there is another thing too. You need to have concentration when you are working in the kitchen. Pouring ingredients into measuring cups and knowing how much to use is important. I love baking when I’m at my most calm and I feel peace.

I hope that by writing this post, I have motivated other people to never stop doing what they love and keep on thriving in their passions. Have a good day everyone and thank you for reading this post.

Annie Snow

Annie is 30 years and old and eager to gain blogging experience. She’s also an aspiring artist learning to make jewelry and other crafts with the hopes of one day sharing her creations with the world online. Annie’s a hard worker and is always there for her family, whether it’s helping out around the house or just curling up on the couch with them and their pets for some relaxation and bonding. You can always count on her to quote movie lines just to make you laugh or to learn new recipes to share delicious food and baked goods with you.

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