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I had a great vacation at my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in the country. I enjoyed my family, the animals and the countryside. I got to do a lot of interesting things like horseback riding, feeding the animals, and we went on lots of walks. I love that their ranch has lots of wide open spaces and it’s just beautiful any time of year. I enjoy my Aunt and Uncle since we share a lot in common and we understand each other. As my one friend says, this is my “happy place.”

I have been trying to figure out why I have so much fun and enjoyed this past April’s trip and the many before this one too. I do better going places I have gone before, knowing what to expect and what is expected of me. It’s easier for me to relax with people I know and like. My Aunt makes sure I’m challenged and I feel safe enough to try new things. My Aunt and Uncle allow me to try new things because they believe you learn by doing and it doesn’t have to be perfect. This means that I don’t feel internal pressure to be perfect or compete with them.

I will say, I learn from both great vacations and stressful vacations. Going somewhere I have been before and knowing the people involved increases my comfort. If I’m going somewhere new, researching ahead of time helps, and having someone who has been there before if possible, is also reassuring. Knowing what to bring or having a backup plan if I forget something also helps cut down on anxiety. I also try to save money before the trip and have a ballpark of how much I will spend during the time I’m away, plus a little “emergency money.” I try to plan to have a place and a time to be alone to recharge. I enjoy time with other people but if spend too much together-time, I get overwhelmed and cranky. I find it helpful if everyone I’m with clearly communicates their expectations for the vacation. These things help give me a better sense of control as vacations can be very chaotic times for me.These strategies have helped make my vacations with other people more successful.

The biggest thing that helps me be successful is having a positive attitude; it makes my vacations enjoyable. My attitude can make thing easier or harder. I hope you have a great summer and fun vacations.

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