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Music is a way to help someone relax and or inspire someone to be more creative. But to me, music acts as more of a release from one’s negative feelings and thoughts. There are different types of music such as classical, rock and roll, techno, country, pop, and much more. I like most if not all types of music, it can help to fill the void of silence in the room when I’m alone, cleaning, writing in my journal, out for a walk, and other things. I recently read online that music has quickly become a tool used in autism therapy that it can stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, rather than just one. Meaning a song or instrument can be used to support cognitive activity to build self-awareness and improve relationships with others. 

Music encourages communicative behavior and can encourage interaction with others, which is something autistic children have great difficulty with. If we look closely at the way a band works, it’s clear to see that the instruments must all interact with one another, but the player needs to interact with the instrument at first. For children dealing with autism, interacting with others can be difficult, but through introducing an instrument to their therapy, they may bond first with the object and then open up to others interacting with their instruments as well. 

I enjoy listening to rock and roll music when I feel angry and or agitated. I know it sounds hard to believe that listening to loud music is calming to someone, but it works for me. I’m able to let my negative energy out of me and when I do, it feels great not having to keep it inside or “put out the fire” inside of me. Anyway, my point is that music has a way of opening one’s feelings and emotions towards something, or even someone. Music helps me to write creatively, stay in a rhythm, relax when I’m stressed out, and many more things I can’t even name. 

I feel that music has a way of helping people relax and open up more. Those with or without autism both can have trouble opening up to people when they are in a negative state. But music can help them feel safe, secure, protected, and help them release their negative energy. That’s all I have for now, but until then, remember that when you need to release your negative energy, try turning to a song and or type of music to calm down. 


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